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Financial Systems User Network (FSUN)
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Networking all financial system users
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The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) is an organization comprised of over 600 of the University's various financial systems users led by an elected Board of Directors.

The 2015 FSUN Board of Directors chair is Carol Flannigan and a new Vice-Chair will be elected at the end of May. For a full list of the FSUN Board please click the Board of Directors link here.

Upcoming events

Save the Date! FSUN is hosting a Brown Bag on Receiving

It will be held on August 13, 2015 11:30am - 12:30pm Nicholson Hall, RM 35

Did you know that almost 1,000 purchase orders had to be force closed during the fiscal year end 2015 cleanup process due to receiving-related errors? FSUN and Kristen Berning from Purchasing Services will host a brown bag session on receiving. We will give a quick refresher on receiving basics, discuss the the most common errors, and provide best practice tips on how you and your cluster can be more proactive in resolving discrepancies between the PO, receipt, and voucher processes.

You can view the PowerPoint presentation here

Kristen also has many job aids that she is handing out:

Receiving through Manage Requisitions job aid
Receiving using Purchasing -> Receipts -> Add/Update Receipts job aid
Receiving using the Receive Items Page job aid
Resolving Match Exceptions job aid
Establish Amount Only Vs. Quantity Receiving job aid
How to Change a General PO to be Received by Amount (Procurement Specialists) job aid

Watch the recorded presentation using WebEx:

Previous Events

July 23, 2015 My Wallet & Expense Report

Beth Tapp hosted a Brown Bag session about My Wallet and Expense Report process.
It was held on Thursday, July 23rd, noon-1:00pm, 315 Peik Hall.

To view the recorded meeting online please click here.

To view the powerpoint slides click here.

April 13, 2015 Uniform Guidance

Nicole Pilman, Uniform Guidance Implementation Coordinator, spoke from 1-2 pm on Monday, 4/13/15. . It was held at Anderson Hall RM 270.Some topics to be discussed include:

  • Background on purpose of Uniform Guidance
  • Overall implementation plan of Uniform Guidance
  • Status of federal rollout of Uniform Guidance
  • Uniform Guidance terms with greatest impact to University
  • Review of proposal and subaward PI Quick Guides

Watch the recorded presentation using WebEx:

April 14, 2015 Effort Certification 101

Don Hammer, a Grants and Contract Professional in SPA, spoke from 10-11am on 4/14/15 about Effort Certification. It was held at Anderson Hall RM 270. Some topics to be discussed include:

  • Basic Introduction: Effort 101
  • Updated salary cap information
  • Three email warning policy around effort certification
  • Q&A

Watch the recorded presentation using WebEx:

April 14, 2015 Accounts Receivable

David Laden, Director of Nonsponsored Accounts Receivable, spoke from 1:30-2:30pm on 4/14/15 about Accounts Receivable. It was held at Molecular and Cellular Biology RM 2-122. Some topics to be discussed include:

  • Accounts Receivable tips and reminders
  • Best practices
  • Accounts Receivable monitoring
  • Collection process
  • How up-front EFS entries affect the entire Accounts Receivable process.
  • Upgrade changes


Click here to view the handouts and here for the PowerPoint
Watch the recorded presentation by clicking here.

Scholarship Management & Fund Utilization Brown Bag

FSUN hosted two brown bags on Scholarship Management & Fund Utilization, presented by Mary O’Brien.

Mary O’Brien from the Foundation presented two brown bags on the Foundation fund use for scholarship funding through STAR and Spending Plans. Topics covered a review of the system, including reporting and various tools to help maximize use of resources available for scholarships.

They were held on  August 13, 2014 10:30am 11:30am in the Labovitz School of Business & Economics 129-LSBE in Duluth and on Thursday August 14, 2014 at 11am - 12pm in the Molecular and Cellular Biology RM 2-120.

Payroll Accounting Brown Bag

FSUN hosted a brown bag on Payroll Accounting, presented by Kelly Krattiger.

Topics covered included: a review covering retro salary adjustments post-ESUP upgrade, funding at position/pool level, position data, and a brief summary of the portal.

It was held on Wednesday July 30, 2014 at 10:30am - 11:30 in the Molecular and Cellular Biology RM 2-122.

If you would like to view the presentation click here for the video.

Spring General Membership Meeting 2014

The Spring General Membership meeting was April 23, 2014.

This event covered the latest information on The Upgrade, including Procurement Card changes, Portal, Payroll accounting and financial reporting. The full agenda and presentation slides can be viewed here.

Click here to view a recording of the presentation.

Sales Tax Brown Bags

FSUN hosted brown bags both in person and via UM Connect on Sales Tax. Topics covered will include: a review of property and services subject to sales tax; the U's status as a seller versus a buyer; the U's filing structure; exempt customers and necessary documentation; sales tax in other states; and updates on recent legislative changes and proposals. Presentation slides for the can be viewed here.